Data privacy handling at HoneyTracks

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Comb transparent2.png IP-adresses are masked, no personal data transferred

Our API and SDK never send any personal data to our system. The IP-address we`re using to localize the user is masked automatically (the last octet is covered) by our SDK (if you are not using a frontend SDK). Instead of the IP, you can also just send us the country information of the user.

Comb transparent2.png We cannot see your players real user IDs

In our API implementation documentation we state explicitly that the identity of the user (uniqueCustomerIdentifier) always has to be transferred masked out of data privacy reasons. Facebook IDs for example, have to be hashed with a salt that is unknown to us. Our tech-consultant also makes sure that this is done during the implementation-workshop.

Comb transparent2.png We do not save any personal data/read cookies

If we get in any direct contact with the customer via our Javascript-SDK and/or the Flash/AS3-SDK we never save any personal data. We neither read any of the users central set cookies nor do we save the complete IP-address on our server or have the according server logs for our tracking –servers.

Comb transparent2.png Out-of-game tracking available without setting cookies

Our SDKs just implement- if even possible- a cookie for the trackClick()-method which is read during trackSignup(). We also offer the TrackClickWithoutCookie()-method which can be used by companies in Germany with high personal data security requirements. This cookie is never used to identify a specific person but only to forward the marketing data (marketing identifier) that is needed to find out via which marketing channel the user is acquired.

Comb transparent2.png You can deactivate sending events for specific users

If you want your users to be able to disagree that their playing behavior is tracked, you can implement our event blocklist. Find out how to implement the event blocklist.