Creating a custom events chart

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Custom events metrics are used to display the usage of the unique features of your game. When you have successfully implemented the "custom events" tracking events in your game, you can start building charts using custom events.

Step 1: Choose a metric

Choose a "custom events" metric in the configurator.

We offer 3 custom events metrics. Click on the links below to see more details:

Choose event.jpg

Step 2: Pick a feature

As soon as you choose a "custom events" metric, a tab named "custom events"pops up in the configurator.

Custom tab.jpg

This tab contains 3 lists to choose from, feature type, feature subtype and feature sub-subtype. You can just choose a feature and press apply, or go into detail and choose also a subtype and sub-subtype for this feature if you want to see something very specific.

Feature type.jpg

Step 3: Select an x-axis

When the chart is created you are able to choose an x-axis in the bottom bar of the chart.


When you pick (as an example) the x-axis "feature subtype", all subtypes of your chosen feature will be displayed automatically and you don´t need to create an extra metric for every subtype.